Testex C 200 - Testosteron C200 - PHARMAQO

35 £
Testosterone Cyopionate         200 Mg/ml

active time.png Active half-life 8 days

300-500MG / WEEKLY

Acne Yes
Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Yes
Detection time in body 44 days

Testex C- or Testosterone Cypionate for many people is considered as a replacement for Testosterone Enanthate,
which, however, causes stronger water retention in the body.
Testosterone cypionate is especially popular among athletes.Provides high level of testosterone for several weeks,
so you can expect significant increase in muscle mass and endurance, These properties make it eagerly used among bodybuilders.
However, because it is easily converted to estrogen and causes water to retain in the body,
Testex C may not be the best option when working on muscle sculpture, but rather to build muscle mass,
uses the muscle tissue built on it may have a slightly worse definition
The active substance contained in Testex C remains active in the body for a longer period of time,
but it still should be taken every 5-7 days.
For beginners, dose should be 200-250 mg per week, for average - 300-500 mg per week,
and for advanced 500-1000mg per week, and even larger quantities.
Testex cycles can last of up to twelve weeks.

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