Growth Hormone what is it? Dosage and method of use.

qomatropin growth hormone

What HGH can do for you?

  • It'll increase the growth rate of muscle mass.
  • It allows faster regeneration of the body, and therefore makes your training more effective.
  • It also burns fat, helping to achieve the desired body weight.
  • A side effect of the growth hormone is slowing down the body's aging processes and simultaneously activating its renewal processes. (pretty bad, huh?)

Dosage in few simple rules:

The dosage should be determined individually each time.
Length of your cycle is more important than dosage.

  • The shortest treatment period is 3 months.
  • Treatment with a daily dosage of 4 international units (IU) lasting 6 months will be much more effective than taking 6IU but for e.g. 2-3 months.
  • The optimal dosing period is 6 - 12 months. During this time, you can count on gaining muscle mass and improving results during training.

Method of use:
Before you start the injection process, check if you have everything you need:

How to prepare HGH?

HGH comes in form of white powder inside of small vial.

The first step is reconstituting HGH with bacteriostatic water.

  • Wipe the syringe needle and both phials (water and HGH) with sterile wipe
  • Draw 1ml of bacteriostatic water into the syringe and inject it straight into the HGH phial
  • Do it slowly, don't shake the vial

You will receive 10 IU HGH from each phial when mixed with 1ml of bacteriostatic water.

  • Now having ready to use HGH, take a new insulin syringe and after wiping the needle and HGH phial, draw the dose into the syringe, e.g. 2IU
  • HGH should be injected into the abdominal area, and more precisely into fat tissue,
  • choose a place where you will inject HGH and wipe it with a sterile wipe, then inject the contents of the syringe into the desired place.
  • Remember to keep everything sterile, and to safely dispose used syringe and phials.

FAQs about HGH:

1. What is HGG and what are its benefits?
   - Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone that promotes muscle growth, faster recovery, and fat loss. It also plays a role in slowing down the aging process.

2. How does HGH increase muscle mass?
   - HGH stimulates muscle tissue growth by increasing the rate of protein synthesis and decreasing the rate of protein breakdown.

3. Is there an optimal dosage for HGH use?
   - The length of the treatment period is more important than the dosage. Shorter cycles may not yield the best results, while longer ones can lead to significant muscle growth and improved training results.

4. What's the minimum and maximum treatment duration for HGH?
   - The shortest treatment period is 3 months, while the optimal dosing period ranges from 6 to 12 months.

5. Where should I inject HGH?
   - HGH should be injected into the abdominal area, preferably into fatty tissue. Choose a clean injection site and make sure all materials are sterile before injecting.

6. How do I prepare HGH for injection?
   - Reconstitute the powdered HGH with bacteriostatic water using a sterile syringe and needle. Draw the required dosage into a new syringe, ensuring that everything remains sterile throughout the process.

7. What equipment do I need to prepare and inject HGH?
   - Sterile wipes, bacteriostatic water, 1x phial (vial) of HGH, 2x insulin syringes, and a clean injection site are necessary for preparing and administering HGH.

8. How should I store my HGH supplies?
   - Store your HGH phials, bacteriostatic water, and insulin syringes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to ensure their longevity.

9. Can I take other supplements while using HGH?
   - Consult with our team at Power Anabolics for personalized recommendations on stacking HGH with other supplements for enhanced results.

10. Is it safe to use HGH for an extended period of time?
    - Long-term use of HGH can have potential side effects, including joint pain and water retention. Consult a healthcare professional before using HGH for an extended period.