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LIV 52

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Liv.52- In the bodybuilding world, products of this type are simply called 'Liver support'
the 'Himalaya' brand product Liv.52 is a great replacement for other liver support products available on the market
which differ significantly in price, so simply saying they are very expensive,
and most importantly Liv52 does not inferior to its effectiveness.
Liv.52 is a mixture of medicinal herbs that support liver regeneration, which is a very desirable process for anyone who takes
steroids mainly in oral but also in injectable form, the product is also recommended for anyone who wants to take care of their liver.
Liv.52 Promotes recovery after inflammation, also protects the liver from excessive alcohol consumption.
An indication for taking Liv 52 is also loss of appetite.
The tablets should be taken half an hour before meals.


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