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    Superdrol 25 - PHARMAQO

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    Methyl-Drostanolone 25mg/ml 

    Superdrol (Methylldrostanolone) - this product can be called the twin brother of Masterone Drostonolone,

    this steroid owes its recognition and popularity to its effectiveness in building, by its fast and solid,
    fat-free muscle mass gains, built-up mass using Superdrol is characterized by high quality
    and the appearance of the figure achieved after the cycle with the use of Superdrol should satisfy even the most demanding,
    one of the reasons for this is that Superdrol should not result in water retention.
    The best results can be expected after combining this steroid with Testosterone, adding to the cycle
    another anabolic steroid is no needed, but after a cycle PCT treatment is necessary.
    This is a unique steroid, which will allow you achieve amazing results, is able to improve any figure,
    if you follow a proper diet, train, and take care of regeneration, you will certainly achieve the assumed effect.
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