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Stimulating your metabolism is key during a cutting cycle, and the base of this is a thyroid hormone that can do just that. You’ll likely want to start with one 25 mcg tablet per day to help you reduce your body fat while you’re still eating normally. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to limit your cycle to six weeks if you plan to use this.


 T3 is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body by the production of the thyroid gland. Oral use of T3 may result in higher serum levels, which enables faster fat loss as well possibly more growth hormone production and more anabolism. T3 contributes to the acceleration of cellular metabolism, thanks to which carbohydrates, proteins and fats are burned faster. T3 is used, among other things, in the fight against obesity, which is why it is valued in bodybuilding for its possibility quick reduction of excess body fat and development of good-quality mass. The hormone is perfect for competitions, when it is necessary to shape the sculpture in the best possible way without the need to eliminate a large amount of calories in the diet. An important advantage is also supporting long mass cycles, during which you can significantly increase the supply of calories without the risk of building adipose tissue. The recommended starting dose is approximately 10mcg per day. It is important to slowly increase the dose approximately every 4/5 days, starting with about 10 mcg a day until the maximum value of 100 mcg. The daily dose should also be divided. Women should not exceed a dose of 50mcg per day. The measure is also not recommended for beginner athletes. The period of use is a maximum of 4-5 weeks. Discontinuation of dosing should also be done gradually by reducing the doses.


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