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Tamoxifen - in bodybuilding has been used as a "blocker" of estrogen receptors responsible for gynecomastia,

fat storage and water retention in the body.
Tamoxifen does not block aromatization but only blocks estrogen receptors,
It is most often used in cycles with the use of highly flavoring agents or by people extremely susceptible to the adverse effects of estrogen.
Therefore, the decision to include Tamoxifen in the cycle is an individual choice.
It should be remembered, however, that estrogen cannot be completely eliminated,
because it is responsible for the proper functioning of steroids, positively affects the level of cholesterol,
proper functioning of the skeletal system, production of IGF-1.
Too low reduction of estrogen level may result in deterioration of all these values,
ranging from health complications to lower performance due to lower IGF-1.
Therefore, cautious people wanting to avoid smaller increments hold tamoxifen under their arm,
and turn it on only when the first alarming symptoms appear.
It can, therefore, be used equally well during PCT. It is worth combining it with Clomid,
which in most cases results in normal (or higher) levels of androgen production and libido.
Side effects that the user may encounter are mainly nausea.
Prophylactically, to minimize the occurrence of gynecomastia, a dose of 10-20mg daily is used throughout the cycle.
You can also extend the use until the end of PCT.
At the first signs of gynecomastia (itching, swelling, nodules)
the 40mg daily dose is used until the symptoms disappear, followed by the 20mg daily dose until the end of the cycle or PCT.
As a remedy for PCT, 40mg doses are used in the first few days of PCT, followed by 20mg daily.

The period of use depends on the objectives and symptoms.

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